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Commercial Tenant Eviction For Lease Forfeiture

Forfeiture of Lease is a tool a landlord of a commercial property can use to take back possession off a premises and the termination of the Lease agreement without the need off lengthy Court proceedings and costs and we can help with your commercial tenant eviction.

Most commercial leases contain a “Re-entry clause”, which grants permission for the landlord to affect forfeiture under the grounds of a breach of a specific covenant within the lease,normally non-payment of rent. If this clause is not present, the landlord can still rely on their common law rights.
upon receipt of your instruction, Our specialist enforcement agents can peaceably re-enter your property within 24 hours (quite often on the same day) A.K.A Commercial Property Eviction. The agents will gain access via a locksmith , create an inventory of goods within, taking photographs and utility meter readings before displaying possession notices and securing the property.

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